Pardot snippets, are now available to be used on Pardot forms and landing pages. So, that fancy new Business Unit snippet can now be applied to a whole new set of assets!

And the process is just as simple as using a Snippet in an email. The Landing Page and Form editors have the same merge field picker the marketing team is familiar with from the last release, and it of course has a whole section that houses the snippets for that campaign and business unit.

Working snippets within a campaign are great, you can benefit from snippets used throughout several assets, regardless of the association to a campaign, for content such as legal disclaimers and privacy policies.

The Spring ‘20 release introduces the ability for snippets to be assigned to one or more Pardot Business Units (BU), allowing it to be used across all types of content regardless of the campaign within that business unit.

You can find more information on Pardot Snippets here.

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