Behavior Scoring on B2B Marketing Analytics

A new dashboard in B2B Marketing Analytics shows how your custom model weights each engagement activity and which assets relate most strongly to future conversion.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Pardot Advanced with Salesforce Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Why: A single behavior score can tell you whether a prospect is likely to become a sales qualified lead (SQL), but it doesn’t tell the full story behind the number. At a strategic level, you want to tailor your marketing plans toward the behaviors that generate the best opportunities for your sales team. The Einstein Behavior Scoring dashboard gives you the data you need to start testing and implementing more effective marketing tactics.

How: An admin must install and configure B2B Marketing Analytics and Einstein Behavior Scoring. Then, any user can create the out-of-the-box Einstein Behavior Scoring Dashboard.

The dashboard includes two graphs and a prospects table. The Activity graph shows behaviors, such as webinar attendance, video views, or email clicks, that have the strongest impact on the scoring model. Select a behavior to focus the Asset graph on the top-performing assets associated with that behavior.

You can find full Pardot release notes here.

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